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Don't replace damaged concrete when our repair solutions can make the surfaces look new again!


When it comes to making concrete repairs, you may have a few options to choose from, but none can offer the durability and versatility of Penntek Industrial Coating’s CR Mender.  This cost-effective solution can be used for cracks, vertical concrete repair, damaged step repair, and more. If you’re planning on coating any concrete, having our repair system applied first will create a smooth surface for a longer-lasting finish. Since 2010, Penntek has been a leader in industrial coatings offering industry-leading warranties and service. Don’t replace that cracked concrete when our repair system can provide an alternative solution that is hassle-free, affordable and effective!

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Cost-Effective Concrete Floor Repair Coating

Damaged concrete is unsightly, and even though the damage is sure to get worse over time, many homeowners aren’t sure how best to proceed when a crack appears. With our concrete floor repair coating, you’ll regain the smooth surface that you want, and the damage won’t even be noticeable!

All of our approved dealers are comprehensively trained in the proper installation of Penntek coatings. Other benefits of Penntek’s concrete floor repair coating include:

  • Rapid cure time

  • Extreme adhesion

  • Self-leveling properties

  • Effectiveness for vertical repairs

  • Repair of even deep impressions

In addition to CR Mender, we also offer CR Patch & Coat. This convenient and versatile putty can be used to patch pits and cracks with no cure time. Your local Penntek dealer will be pleased to explain your options and offer advice regarding the Penntek product that is best for your needs.

Learn More about Penntek’s Repair Solutions

If you have concrete in need of repair, or want to learn more about our floor coating systems, including our popular chip system, give us a call or fill out our online contact form to find a Penntek dealer near you!

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