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Unlike traditional materials, polyurea can withstand extreme temperatures, chemicals, and abrasions.


From unexpected emergencies to the final breakdown of a long-aging concrete floor, you don’t always get the luxury of planning when flooring upgrades are necessary. If it’s the dead of winter and your garage or workshop floor has reached the point of no return, don’t stress—just get in touch with Penntek Industrial Coatings! Our solid color polyurea system is specially formulated for cold weather installations, allowing us to give you the high-quality flooring upgrade you need, no matter the season or circumstances.

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With the strength to resist chemical damage and the flexibility to withstand repeated freeze-thaw cycles, our solid color polyurea system is the perfect choice for interior and exterior spaces, including:


  • Garage Floors

  • Warehouse Settings

  • Service Areas

  • Production Areas

  • Showrooms

  • Veterinary Clinics

  • Machine Rooms

Long-Term Benefits of Our Polyurea Concrete Coating System

By choosing Penntek’s polyurea concrete coating system, you don’t just benefit from the convenience of year-round installations; you also get the following benefits for a lifetime of flooring satisfaction:

  • Enhanced Durability: Polyurea is much
    stronger than standard flooring materials,
    offering flexibility in variable temperatures
    and proven resistance to impacts,
    chemicals,and abrasions.

  • Custom Style: Our polyurea concrete
    coating system is available in a wide
    spectrum of textures and colors, with
    custom color matching available.You
    can also choose between a high
    gloss or matte top coat.

  • Quick Installations: Our floor coating systems 
    are always installed by Penntek-certified
    professionals who are trained to finish your new
    polyurea floor in as little as a single day!

  • Product Guarantees: We’re confident in the
    dependability of our floors, so we back them
    with a 15-year product warranty and a lifetime guarantee

Request Your Complimentary Polyurea Flooring Consultation and Estimate Now

Are you ready to choose the perfect color and texture for your solid color polyurea system? Would you like to learn more about our other high-quality products, from our lightly textured chip system to our budget-friendly epoxy? Then give Penntek Industrial Coatings a call today, or fill out our short online form now! We’ll be in touch to discuss your upcoming floor installation and set up your free, on-site estimate.


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